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     Divorce often involves many complex legal and personal issues. In a very simplistic way, divorce disputes can be broken down into two categories, property and children.


     Dividing debts and assets upon divorce is often complex.  All assets and liabilities must be divided in a manner that either the parties agree upon, or in a way a judge deems is "just and right".  There are some questions that frequently arise like "What effect does one party being ordered to pay a credit account have on joint creditors?"  Other questions frequently arise about how to divide retirement benefits and other non liquid assets.


Child Custody, Possession And Access, Child Support, And Modifications

     Whether dealing with a divorce, separation or a modification of an existing order, child related matters can be very emotional. The law addresses many of the issues dealing with how the rights and responsibilities can be divided.  It also addresses the issues of possession of and access to the children- which parent will have the children when.  The law also requires certain provisions be made with regard to children, such as requiring that insurance be provided and in most cases child support.

Child Support- to see how to calculate child support- please go here:  Child Support